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Yat Siu - The Best Mind in Virtual Assets, Animoca Brands, The Virtual Economy, User Ownership vs. Tech Monopoly, Early Atari Days

June 19, 2020

The team sits down w/ Yat Siu of Animoca Brands, to breakdown the impending virtual economy and assets, why we’re ALREADY in the Metaverse, why tech companies are feudal kingdoms, raising himself as a child, and bringing value to users through ownership.

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3:11 Yat's Story
10:13 Time at Atari
13:53 Value and Virtual Assets
20:35 How Gaming Economies Work
23:13 Why most Virtual Assets are Rented not Owned
32:30 Does Play-to-Earn ruin the experience?
36:23 Investing Early in CryptoKitties
44:20 How do you choose Brands to invest in?
55:30 Utility of NFTs
1:01:06 Why Tech Giants are Feudal Kingdoms, Hoard Value
1:07:33 Thoughts on Hong Kong
1:13:39 Book Recommendation

Animoca Brands
Yat Siu

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